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one of a kind
your customized designs, hand made to order  
a custom knife is something we make together through detailed conversation and exchange of ideas.
We will craft our best interpretation of your ideal blade, a functional piece of art specific to you and guaranteed for life.
this is not a rushed process, the quality of these tools is focus.
we do to guarantee custom shipping dates.
Our current custom order queue is 12+ weeks
fill out and purchase the deposit listing below to get started   
final pricing can vary with material selection and complexity of the order
estimate pricing:

chef: $400-$700+ 
suji/slicer: $475-$700+
cleaver/breaking: $300-600+
petty/boning/utility: $250-$400+
paring: $150-$300+
carrying: $200-$400+
hunting/game: $250-$600+
fillet: $300-$650+

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