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Red Dragon Carver
  • Red Dragon Carver

    The handcrafted Bronze-layered feather damascus "Red Dragon" Carver, a stunning addition to any kitchen cutlery collection. This carving knife is meticulously crafted with hand-forged 220 bronze layered into 400 layer feather patterned damascus steel, ensuring both durability and a stunningly beautiful aesthetic. The full tang design offers maximum strength and stability, while the handle is expertly crafted from ebony wood with a striking red maple spacer that gave the blade its namesake. Brass pins add an elegant touch to the handle, and the blacksmith's signature is stamped on the blade, signifying the craftsmanship and quality that goes into each piece. Elevate your culinary experience with this exceptional Red Dragon Carver, perfect for elevating any carving task in the kitchen.


    - 11” Blade, 2” heel, 15.5” overall length
    - Hand-forged bronze layered feather damascus steel
    - Full tang in ebony segmented by red maple and burlap with brass pins
    - 9.6oz
    - Black zipper case


    As always, our shop uses local and reclaimed materials first whenever possible without sacrificing tool performance or quality.


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