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Ancient Mammoth Tooth Coppermascus Santoku
  • Ancient Mammoth Tooth Coppermascus Santoku

    Our take on the medium-sized, multi-purpose eastern kitchen knife, elevated with intricate layers and rare materials.


    - 7.5” Blade, 2.75” heel, 12” overall length

    - Hand-forged Coppermascus steel, layers of copper, bronze and steel carefully folded, twisted and forged around a solid high carbon steel core

    - Full tang in handled in Buffalo Horn with an 4,000+ years old Mammoth Tooth inlay and brass pins

    - 10.4oz

    - Black zipper case



    As always, our shop uses local and reclaimed materials first whenever possible without sacrificing tool performance or quality. For further information about what goes into our knives please visit our materials page.

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