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Aerospace Lightning Gyuto
  • Aerospace Lightning Gyuto

    A one-of-a-kind gyuto forged with pure Nickel layering in Aerospace grade Aluminum, a must-have addition to any kitchen cutlery collection. This stunning eastern style chef knife features a hand forged layered blade made of high carbon 52100 steel stacked with pure nickel and structrual iron, ensuring superior strength and durability. This blade proudly bears the blacksmith's signature stamp, showcasing the craftsmanship and quality of this exceptional piece. The handle is made of textured aerospace aluminum reclaimed from a aersopace machinist shop, providing a comfortable and secure grip, while the addition of brass liners and peened brass pins adds a touch of elegance and strength. Add this unique knife to your kitchen arsenal and experience the unparalleled performance and artistry that only a handcrafted piece can deliver.


    - 9.5” Blade, 2” heel, 14” overall length

    - Hand-forged damascus steel with layers of nickel

    - Full tang in aerospace aluminum with brass accents and peened brass pins

    - 11.7oz

    - Black zipper case


    As always, our shop uses local and reclaimed materials first whenever possible without sacrificing tool performance or quality.


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