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Wounded Warrior Short Sword
  • Wounded Warrior Short Sword

    The reason you make a sword is to make a sword.

    Every blacksmith has one on their bucket list. I forged this blade from structural iron, nickel and high carbon damascus on a whim steel months ago and have had it stored in the shop since, looking for the right cause to complete it. All proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation bennefitting US Veterans and active military members.


    - 50 Raffle tickets total, winner chosen at random once sold out

    - 14.5” Blade, 2” heel, 24” overall length

    - A Hand-forged Damascus 400 + layered steel core fire-welded in a jacket of layered iron and nickel

    - Hidden tang handled in Zebra Bone segmented with Green Mango, a Copper cross guard and pin

    - 1lb 6.5oz


    As always, our shop uses local and reclaimed materials first whenever possible without sacrificing tool performance or quality. For further information about what goes into our knives please visit our materials page.

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