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Forged Chef

Forged Chef

A hands-on two day (16+/- hours) bladesmithing class in the Iron Grove Tool Co. shop focusing on making, from start to finish, a high carbon steel chef knife. 


We'll discuss shop safety, equipment usage and basic metal-movement principles before forging a blade from available steel, learning the full heat treatment process for that steel, grinding/sanding edge geometry specific to the intended use of the knife, crafting a handle and sharpening the blade.


With this class, students have the otpion to upgrade to high layered Damascus steel. For more information about the steels we use, see our Materials page.


There is no set time limit to the class, we go until we finish. All tools, materials and safety equipment will be provided. The student will leave with their own handmade knife. Contact the shop to schedule.


- Classes are scheduled 1:1 or 2:1

- Readily available most Fri/Sat 8am-4pm

- Contact the shop for available dates

- 18+ years

    PriceFrom $750.00

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