• Sujihiki


    The eastern take on the carving knife. Gear towards long cuts and fine slicing. Shown in walnut.

    - Hand forged, made to order*
    - 10" Blade, 1.5" heel, 15" overall length
    - Hand forged high carbon 1095 or 200+ layer damascus steel
    - Full tang in stabilized natural hardwood hand picked by maker
    - 8oz, balanced at the pinch

    Due to the variation and overlap of looks natural materials , we are offering handles based on overall aestheic instead of specific species of wood. Let us know your prefernce and we will hand pick a material from our shelves. As always, our shop uses local and reclaimed materials whenever possible without sacrificng tool performance or quality.

    * Our orders are made as they are received and can depend greatly on order volume. Expected lead time 1 - 3 months to ship. Please reach out before purchase for specific queue or shipping questions.