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care for your carbon steel

follow these guidelines to get the most out of your tools.


wash and dry your tools by hand.

the environment inside of a dishwasher can damage knife handles and strip the protective surface conditioning from steel cookware and fire tools.

leaving wet steel to air dry can result in rusting.


carbon steel will develop a food-safe patina (darkening of the surface) with regular use.

it's an innate and often sought-after aspect of the material caused by exposure to food acids and oxygen. The story of your tools continues unique to your cooking style. 

oil your tools often to help season the steel and encourage their unique patina.

any food grade oil will do. 


store your tools in a place that is well ventilated and dry.

we recommend storing dry kitchen knives on a magnetic knife bar, 

hanging kitchen tools in open air and unsheathing outdoor tools when they are not being carried. tools being stored away in cabinets would benefit from oiling before storage.


Hone and Sharpen

honing your knives regularly will keep the edge aligned.

over time for more efficient cutting. we recommend using steel slick or high-grit ceramic rod with each use.

If a blade is dulled from use, touch it up on a high-grit stone or send it to the shop for our free sharpening services.


Feel free to contact the shop if you have any questions about caring for your carbon steel tools

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