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questions frequently asked

  • What are your Hours of operation?
    Hours of operation Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm
  • Questions, concerns or comments?
    Contact us.
  • What tools are currently available?
    Our Signature Line tools are unique pieces that sell fast and once they are gone will not be repeated. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop about Signature Line pieces. Our Homestead Line tools are often available here. If you are looking for something specific, head over to our Custom Tool Builder to make the tool that’s right for you.
  • Does IGTC offer discounts or coupons?
    Yes, we offer various discounts to our newsletter subscribers on occasion, while we always have discounts for veterans, active military, police and emergency workers of 15%. Contact us before purchasing to redeem as discounts cannot be applied retroactively. All coupon codes must be applied at the time of purchase. Coupon codes cannot be applied retroactively or used for prior purchases. They are subject to availability and cannot be combined with other coupons, discounts, or promotions. Offer is valid for online purchases only, and not redeemable for gift card purchases. Coupon codes contain no cash value. We offer wholesale pricing on large orders. Contact us for more information.
  • What are some gift suggestions?
    We offer lots of great potential gifts. Check out our Signature and Homestead Line for available work. We also offer gift certificates for future purchases. Classes can be purchased with an open date as a placeholder to be booked at a later date. You can also build your own tool over at our Custom Tool Builder page. Sign up for our newsletter for upcoming products and events.
  • Can I come out and see the shop and tools?
    No, shop visits are not possible at this time. We do not keep stock on hand to browse. The shop is active and busy during the week and can be unsafe for non-employees. If you live locally, or are in the area, and would like to pick-up your purchase just contact us to schedule a pick up time.
  • Where can I see IGTC tools in-person?
    You can see our tools in-person at the Mill Scale store in Lockhart, Tx, or at El Cosmico in Marfa, Tx. Iron Grove Tool Company occasionally does pop-up events around central Texas. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) to keep updated with our whereabouts.
  • Can you test the knife before buying?
    No, but the knives are guaranteed and fully refundable (excludes custom stamped tools).
  • Looking to book IGTC for an event, display our work or purchase wholesale?
    Contact us to discuss details.
  • How do you ship your tools?
    All of our tools are sent out with tip protectors (our knives come sharp!) in padded cases using USPS priority shipping. We ship out at least once per week. Specific shipping needs? Contact the shop before ordering.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship all over the world, anywhere local customs will allow knife imports. Please check your local customs ordinances before placing an order.
  • Stainless vs High Carbon vs Damascus: What kind of steel is best for my knife?
    The variety of steels used in our knives all have different characteristics that make them unique. Your personal preference may depend on the application and amount of use your knife gets. High carbon steel will hold an edge longer than others, but requires a little more work to sharpen. Damascus steel is layered and provides both beauty and a sharp edge. Here is an in-depth study of damascus steel and how it performs. Stainless steel will keep its shine and resist patina more than other steels. Easier to sharpen but may dull faster depending on use.
  • What tools does IGTC offer?
    All tools from IGTC are handmade. We offer a variety of knife profiles Carver - Our take on the BBQ essential, a long, thin meat slicer with optional scalloped serrations. Cattleman - Our take on the eastern essential gyuto, a large beef-centric chef knife. Fillet - Our up swept, flexible slicer made with poultry and fish in mind. Nakiri - Our take on the famed eastern vegetable knife, thin and tapered. Oyster Dagger - Our take on the standard shell cracking pry-knife. Paring - Our take on the common small kitchen utility knife. Pizza Wheel - Our take on the standard rotating pizza and flat bread knife. Santoku - Our take on the medium-sized, multi-purpose eastern kitchen knife. Steak Knives - A matching set of 4 classic knives with sharp edge for around the table. Straight Razor - Our take on the vintage folding straight edge razor. Traveler - Our standard every-day-carry, built for travel, hard use and utility. Trimmer - Our upswept, slightly flexible slicer made with trimming briskets in mind. Western - Our take on the most classic German and French chef knife designs.
  • What steel and handle materials are used in IGTC tools?
    Check out commonly used materials in IGTC tools on our materials page.
  • Do you offer any engraving or stamping of initials or names on your tools?
    We do not engrave. We can hand stamp letters. Must be stamped during production. Finished tools cannot be stamped retroactively.
  • Do you take custom orders?
    Yes! Our custom books are open. Head over to our Custom Tool Builder page to design your own knife.
  • Will my knife look like the one in the picture?
    Due to natural variations in raw materials used and the organic process of hand making tools in batches from scratch , the final product may differ slightly from the photo shown. Listed measurements and specifications are estimates. Due to natural variations in raw materials used and the organic process of hand making tools in batches from scratch , the final product may differ slightly from listing.
  • I don’t see a tool I want.
    Need something you don’t see in our catalog, shoot us an email.
  • Can I send in materials to be used in my tool?
    We accept custom materials to be forged into tools, or stabilized or cast into handles for a fee. Email to inquire about our Heritage line. Not all steels and metals can be used in the tool production.
  • Signature line vs Homestead line vs Heritage line
    Signature Line - The Signature Line are unique pieces created by our head blacksmith, Daniel Collier. Each knife is stamped with Daniel’s signature (excluding smaller knives) and one of a kind. Homestead Line - The Homestead Line is our hearty, dependable and repeatable tool line. Heritage Line - The Heritage Line is reserved for tools made from materials provided by you, the customer! Contact us to discuss your Heritage Line tool.
  • What is patina?
    Patina is the oxidation of the steel of the tool. It often looks brown or green, depending on the steel.
  • Is patina on my tool bad or unsafe?
    No, it is a natural, and even sought after, aspect of the tool.
  • How can I sharpen my knife?
    All Iron Grove tools are guaranteed for life and can be sent in to be cleaned up and sharpened at no cost. Contact us to set up your tool clean up.
  • Are your knives dishwasher safe?
    No, our knives are not dishwasher safe. Iron Grove knives are hand wash and dry only as they are mostly made of carbon steel.
  • Do you offer classes?
    Yes! check out our classes page for full details.​
  • What classes do you offer? And, what are the differences between your classes?
    We offer four different classes that range from basic blacksmith knowledge to hand forging your own chef’s knife. The classes and descriptions are as follows: Blacksmithing 101 - A hands-on half day (4+/- hours) introductory blacksmithing class in the Iron Grove Tool Co. shop focusing on the basic elements of forging steel. Intro to Blades - A hands-on half day (4+/- hours) introductory bladesmithing class in the Iron Grove Tool Co. shop focusing on making a small high carbon steel knife. Forged Blade - A hands-on full day (8+/- hours) bladesmithing class in the Iron Grove Tool Co. shop focusing on making, from start to finish, a small high carbon steel knife. Forged Chef - A hands-on two day (16+/- hours) bladesmithing class in the Iron Grove Tool Co. shop focusing on making, from start to finish, a high carbon steel chef knife. You choose the knife profile and steel type for this class!
  • Can I purchase a class without setting a date?
    Yes, classes are purchased as placeholders and the date of the class can be set via email.
  • Can I book a class on a holiday?
    No, we like to spend the holidays with our families so the shop will likely be closed.
  • Are classes booked all year round?
    Although we do offer many months to book classes, we do not book them during the summer. Texas heat can be quite uncomfortable and can affect the experience and workflow of the students. Contact us about availability.
  • What can I expect during my class?
    Our classes are completely hands on. We use multi-burner forges, 50 ton pressing machines, drill presses, bandsaws, belt grinders, hammers, tongs, and other hand tools. We dive in as soon as you arrive and continue working until the class is finished. There will be a lunch break so a packed lunch is recommended. The class is catered to your skill level and set to a pace that is comfortable. We have lots of information to provide our students, but feel free to ask any questions during the class that you may have.
  • Should I bring my own water/beverages?
    Yes, please bring a bottle of water. We have water in the shop, but it is limited.
  • What kind of knife is made in Intro to Blades?
    In our half-day Intro to Blades class you will make either a traveler or paring knife.
  • What do I wear to class?
    Please check the weather for the day of your class and dress accordingly. Closed toed shoes must be worn in the shop. Avoid baggy clothing and loose hair. We have safety glasses and other personal protective equipment, but feel free to bring your own.
  • Will other people I do not know be taking the class with me?
    No, classes are private and will only involve the person or group that booked the class.
  • Can children take a class at IGTC?
    Yes, kids ages 10 and older are welcome with adult supervision. Parents can choose to either hang out for the class, or join and make a knife with your child. The class will be charged per participant.
  • How far out do I need to book my class?
    Generally, we are booked about 2 months in advance. Sometimes we do have cancellations so feel free to inquire about specific dates.
  • How do I care for my skillet or saute pan?
    Our carbon pans act a lot like cast iron and can be cared for the same way. Check out our care page for information about caring for carbon tools.
  • What is flaking off of my tool and is it safe?
    The steel flakes that may come off of your tool are called mill scale. This is a natural occurrence as the outer layer loses carbon in the forge. It is what gives us, and each individual knife, its unique look. Yes, it is safe. It can be removed with a wire brush or steel wool.
  • Where can I get your grilling tools?
    We have a collaboration line with our friends over at Mill Scale Metalworks where you can purchase our grilling tools.
  • Do you sell any products not on your website?
    Yes! Along with our collaboration with Mill Scale, we have some products with our friends at El Cosmico. Check them out here: Burger Press Brass Bottle Opener
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