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what goes into it

our knife steel
A .95% simple carbon steel, a long running standard for quality in the bladesmithing trade

A 1% carbon/chromium alloy manufactured for industrial ball bearings. known for long term edge retention and wear resistance.

  a 1.25% carbon alloy with added chromium, manganese and silicon. known for it's fine grain structure, edge retention and hamon activity, it is the western equivalent of the famed Japanese "hitachi white" blade steel.  

san mai
Japanese for "3 layers", combines a tough structural iron outer jacket forged around a high carbon 26c3 core for 
maximum durability and performance

dissimilar high carbon steels stacked and forged into one harmonious material with 200 - 400 layers of unique patterning made through twisting and folding the steel.

options are pretty limitless but here are some examples of materials that come through the shop 
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