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what goes into it

A high carbon chromium alloy steel manufactured for industrial ball bearings. known for long term edge retention and wear resistance. our golden standard

1095, 15n20, 5160 and ni200 high carbon steels stacked and forged into one harmonious material with hundreds of layers of unique patterning made through the twisting and folding.

our knife steel


House made steel
Coppermascus steel
Layered steel knives
High carbon steel knives

layers of copper and bronze carefully folded and twisted with high carbon steels to produce a very rare and unique material. Forged around a solid high carbon 80crv2 steel core. 

"Bourbon Barrel" 
local Treaty Oak Ghosthill bourbon barrel straps stacked with nickel and high carbon steel, forged and folded then wrapped around a solid high carbon damascus steel core.

options are limitless but here are some examples of materials that come through the shop 

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