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Iron Grove Tool Co. is a family owned blacksmith shop in Dripping Springs, Texas crafting handmade knives, and tools for kitchen and field.  Forging carbon steel is our passion, it is both a science and an art. 
Our tools start as raw materials that by fire and hammer are transformed into something new.
Something we hope contributes to our community and inspires people to gather around the table.
video by soco studios, austin, tx
daniel collier
"I was born and raised here in Texas. I grew up loving the outdoors and, like several generations in my family, have been working with wood and metal in some way for most of my life. As soon as I was of age,  I followed my dad into the metal fabrication trade and truly discovered my passion for crafting steel. After moving to Austin, TX and undergoing a union sheet metal apprenticeship and a smithing trade school,  I started focusing on the artistic aspects of metal in my spare time, spending my nights and weekends forging sculptures and the tools needed to make them.
That's when the knives began.
I met an amazing woman named Lynne who was a chef and restaurant owner with a passion for cooking and cultivating food from the ground up. Together we explored a shared love of food and art, growing our own veggies, raising chickens, brewing beer and trying to live more sustainably. While the idea of sustainability carried over into other aspects of our lives, I built a small shop out of reclaimed wood and started forging tools from scrap metal in our backyard. As a gift to Lynne, I wanted to recreate her favorite knife: a small, very worn nakiri.  Try after try, learning with every mistake and diving deeper into the science behind the art, the journey into bladesmithing brought together our two worlds of craft and cuisine and sparked a love for a timeless craft that is rooted in our history. That one knife and its owner were the catalyst for what became my life's work. 
Lynne and I  married in 2014. We have two sons and now live on a 3 acre Juniper grove in Dripping Springs, TX with our dogs. Iron Grove is set on our homestead where I forge these tools, Lynne runs our books and continues to inspire me. We are working to build a sustainable farm, growing veggies and raising small livestock, constantly crafting and creating. We spend our free time as a family, hiking in the hill country, swimming in it's rivers, and generally trying to build a life that requires no vacation." 
-Daniel Collier
Iron Grove Tool Co.