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meet your makers

Iron Grove Tool Co. is a family-owned blacksmith shop in Dripping Springs, Texas crafting handmade knives and tools for kitchen and field.  Forging carbon steel is our passion, it is both a science and an art. 
Our tools start as raw materials that by fire and hammer are transformed into something new.
Something we hope contributes to our community and inspires people to gather around the table.
Daniel - Head Blacksmith

the blacksmith

Daniel is the Blacksmith at Iron Grove Tool Company, where he oversees all production in the shop. He started making knives in 2014 and is the maker of the Signature Collection. Daniel is married to Lynne and they have three children, two boys and a girl. When he's not working, he enjoys taking his kids to the river. Although he hates to travel, he loves Costa Rica.

Lynne - Office Manager

 the boss

Meet Lynne, the Office Manager at Iron Grove Tool Company. Lynne is a proud mother of three children, two boys, and a girl, and married to Daniel. Originally from Marble Falls, Tx, Lynne enjoys cooking and is known to be Daniel's muse for making culinary knives. She is a curious learner and always eager to expand her knowledge.

the knifemaker

Mark - Blacksmith

Meet Mark, the talented knife maker at Iron Grove Tool Company. Originally from Galveston, Texas, Mark is a family man with a wife and two children - a and a girl. When he not spending time with his family, Mark can be found in his home shop crafting beautiful knives, a passion he's been pursuing since 2016. He even has a furry companion named Poncho who keeps him company during his creative process.

the woodworker

Chris - Woodworker

Meet Chris, the talented woodworker at Iron Grove Tool Company. Originally from Houston, TX, Chris is a proud owner of two dogs, Woody and Zelda, and a cat named Bamboo. When he's not crafting beautiful wood pieces, Chris enjoys backpacking with his furry friends. He's also a skilled graphic designer who created the Iron Grove Tool Company logo and graphics.


the Knifemaker

Meet Caleb, the talented knife maker at Iron Grove Tool Company. Originally from Austin, TX, Caleb is a proud owner of two adorable cats. When he's not crafting beautiful knives, you can find him playing disc golf or tinkering with his truck. Caleb's passion for knife making extends beyond his work at Iron Grove, as he also spends his free time creating knives in his home shop.

the teacher

Sara - Office Support

Meet Sara, the Teacher at Iron Grove Tool Company. Originally from Sometown, Massachusetts, Sara brings her passion for knitting to the team. When she's not teaching, you can find her spending time with her furry friends, Ham (Hambone) the dog and Cheese the cat. Fun fact: Sara is also an actress!

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