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Copper-mascus Cleaver in Pecan

Copper-mascus Cleaver in Pecan

Our hand-forged Copper-mascus Cleaver in Pecan, a stunning addition to your kitchen cutlery collection. The 8" blade is made from high-quality Copper-mascus steel, creating a beautiful and durable cutting surface. The full tang handle is crafted from pecan and accented with copper pins, providing a secure and comfortable grip for precision chopping. With a 2.25" heel and 12.5" overall length, this cleaver is perfectly balanced and ready to take on any task. Despite its substantial size, this cleaver weighs in at a mere 8oz, making it a pleasure to use for extended periods of time. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, our Copper-mascus Cleaver is sure to become a prized tool in your kitchen.


This cleaver is made to order with a waiting period of up to 2-4 weeks before it is shipped to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.


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