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Damascus Cattleman in Cypress

Damascus Cattleman in Cypress

Our Damascus Cattleman in Cypress, the ultimate choice for those who demand precision and quality in their kitchen cutlery. Our take on the eastern essential gyuto, this large beef-centric chef knife is designed for versatility and durability. Each knife is hand forged and made to order, ensuring that every detail is carefully crafted to perfection. The 9.5” blade, 2.5” heel, and 14” overall length make it ideal for a wide range of culinary tasks, while the full tang in stabilized Cypress and brass pins provide a solid and secure grip. Made with high-quality Damascus steel, this 9oz knife is slightly forward weighted for enhanced balance and control. Add the Damascus Cattleman in Cypress to your collection and experience the difference in quality and performance.


This cattleman is made to order with a waiting period of up to 2-4 weeks before it is shipped to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.


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